Welcome to Lake Pool & Pond Management Ltd


Lake pool & pond Management Ltd has been formed from a background of 25 years experience in heavy plant and construction and 30 years experience of fishery and water management. Our professional dedicated and courteous staff are always on hand to help with any type of water management the client may require.

From Digging to Fishing


We supply the complete package from lake planning, excavation, planting and fish stocking. Due to global warming we have seen a marked increase in the need for lake aeration to protect valuable fish stocks and have had great success with our new carp safe aeration system. We also specialise in aquatic weed control another effect of global warming, see some of our results in our extensive portfolio. We pride ourselves on the supply and delivery of quality coarse and game fish mostly from our own stock ponds all fish come with relevant EA and CEFAS documentation, our aquatic plants are all sourced from our own nursery pools dedicated to plant cultivation
We also supply erect and install all types of predator protection including various types of otter fencing.
We specialise in construction and repair/replacement of all types of sluices and boathouses.
We are always on call to help with any water quality issues from testing to rectification including habitat improvement. We undertake all aspects of bank side works including bank clearing, erosion prevention and reinstatement and swim construction including disabled swims.

Garden Ponds and Ornamental Water Features


LPPM can design and construct garden ponds of all sizes and shapes and install all filter equipment and plumbing. We will landscape the pool and surrounding site, supply and plant all aquatic plants and even supply the fish if the customer wishes.
We have just completed a 45mtr X20mtr pond in Clee Hill Shropshire and have just won the contract for a near half acre pond including supply of wrought iron bridges for the feeder stream to constructed.
Maintenance contracts are available to cover your pond, equipment and water features or we can assist you on an as required basis if that is preferred.
Emergency rescue of fish and temporary holding facilities can be organized in the event of you ever needing them.

Go Green


We supply and install various types of Hydro power units. These can be situated in any water flow a brook, stream or river and can also be sited in a lake outflow and will create various power outputs to generate electricity to power your home or business and also have an excess of output to sell back to the national grid.
We design and construct all types of irrigation reservoir and undertake all aspects of agricultural drainage, ditch clearing and de-watering, also included in our scope of works is irrigation of golf courses, football pitches. Bowling greens and horse race courses.
We can supply and install many different types of domestic and commercial fountains for lake aeration and cosmetic decoration see our portfolio for some of the stunning effects we can create.

Other Services


We also undertake other varied works including canal regeneration, nature parks/walks and recently a steam railway regeneration. (Not water management but a passion of one of our directors.)

Pride and Passion


We take great pride in the work we accomplish. All our staff have a genuine interest and passion for the work we do and if we did not need to make a living we would do it for nothing our aim is 100% customer satisfaction.
Phil Green MD.
Lppm Ltd.